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  • Estate Gambling Powerball Stirrer Lottery Machine

    Contact NowEstate Gambling Powerball Stirrer Lottery MachineModel:QL-S500 Specifications: This Estate Gambling Powerball stirrer lottery machine is a single chamber lotto draw machine, it is suitable for many games, it is available in Automatic and interactive operating modes,all functions are controlled by a microprocessor which allows all drawing...Read More

  • Multi-drumsair Mix Lotto Drawing Machine

    Contact NowMulti-drumsair Mix Lotto Drawing MachineModel:QL-3A350 Specifications: This bingo lottery machine is special designed for the bingo lotto game, there are 3 chambers which can allow 30 balls inside . The barrel won't stop working until the number has been picked up, always used for the lotto powerball play games. Product...Read More

  • Lucky Bingo Draw Air Mixing Casino Machine with Digital LCD

    Contact NowLucky Bingo Draw Air Mixing Casino Machine with Digital LCDModel:QL-5A350S Application scope: The bingo machine is the ultimate drawing system for creating visually spectacular TV lottery draws. This lotto drawing machine is compact and has a fixed number of drums.No matter the number of drums needed, the kind of lottery machine can be customized for...Read More

  • Amusement Commercial Lottery Game Machine

    Contact NowAmusement Commercial Lottery Game MachineModel:QL-LA500 Application scope: The lotto draw machine is suitable for all lottery game matrices, it's available in automatic and interactive operating models. For the automatic model all functions are controlled by q micro processor which allows all drawing parameters to be adjusted. This...Read More

  • Amusement Lotto Game Playing with Control Remoter Mechanical Mix Lottery Machine

    Contact NowAmusement Lotto Game Playing with Control Remoter Mechanical Mix Lottery MachineModel:QL-YS600 Specifications: This lottery bingo gambling machine is our hot sale product,operated by the stirrer operated. Also very popular in the world, such as US, Cambodia, Nigeria..., the capacity of this machine is 210 balls,the balls through a transparent half ring pipe. Product...Read More

  • Games Room Entertainment Indoor Stirrer Lottery Machine

    Contact NowGames Room Entertainment Indoor Stirrer Lottery MachineModel:QL-ST350 Specifications: The casino keno lottery machine is stirrer type which is idea for the Lotto Bet,Auction, Games Room, with small size, good for the commercial lucky drawing event. Product Description: Basic parameters: Height:76CM Width:53CM Thickness :35CM Weight :13KG Power:20W...Read More

  • Indoor Acrylic Celebration Event Keno Machine

    Contact NowIndoor Acrylic Celebration Event Keno MachineModel:QL-A500 Application areas: Suitable for Lotto, Keno and Bingo games, the air driven lottery machine can provide the basic needs for lotteries.The internal structure of the body is made of acrylic which assure an excellent robustness and rigidity.Result can be controlled automatically....Read More